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Sunday, 15 April 2012

16 years married...

What happens when you`re been married for 16 years? Sometimes not too much.

Beginning the week of Spring Break, someone has been sick in the house ever since. First Sam. He was sick the week of our break and most of the following week. He went to school Wednesday afternoon to write a test and Thursday. Easter weekend came and went, and then Rob got sick. He went to work on Monday, but was home by noon. He spent the next three days in bed. On Wednesday we saw Kari was sick. She stayed home Thursday and Friday. Friday night, Amy... And so on it goes.

My question is, who is going to take care of things around here when it's my turn to spend three days in bed? The kids know exactly what will happen - they suggested they would get an extra vacation from school if I am not well enough to take them. My plan - to avoid the germs and vitamin up so hopefully I don't get it. So far, everyone seems to have the same basic thing. A bad cold...with some slight variation. Some with chills and slight fever, lots of coughing, some with plugged sinuses, not a lot of eating and quite a bit of sleeping. With no school yet again on Monday, we hope to return back to routine by Tuesday.

The week ahead promises to be full of activity with badminton tournaments, start up soccer team meetings and information sessions at school for out-trips with the junior highs. In two short weeks Sam and the grade 9's will leave on the S.A.L.T.S. trip, and we need to be prepared. Amy is hoping to particiapte in a trip to Ottawa and Montreal next spring, so there will be meetings about that.

In addition, practices continue for the spring musical, the Music Man jr. as well as the Harmony Through Harmony concert.

So what happens when you've been married for 16 years? The celebration dinner is post-ponned till further notice in hopes that we become healthy first. Rather we will spend our time preparing for and accepting filled soccer equipment bags, sorting through uniforms and eagerly awaiting the coaches to drop by for various pick ups.

Celebrations carry on bit by bit, a little each day  - the biggest perhaps being that we continue to be married after 16 years.

Happy Anniversary!

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