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Friday, 22 November 2013

The Big 4-0

This past year has been a year of change. A year of discovery, a year of growth a year of blessings. We took a trip of a life time (Hawaii), we learned things about our family we were missing in daily life, we practiced setting boundaries and protecting ourselves and I entered a new decade in life. Why not? Might as well join the big 4-0 crowd.
My husband started planning at least 6 months in advance. He booked one of our favourite spots, a picnic site down by the Bow River just west of the city.
We had lunch with family,

An afternoon of hanging out,

and potluck supper with friends. An all day birthday party - so cool!

After supper the boys built a massive campfire. We had smores as well as smorfs - same as smores except using fudgeos. So Delish...

Suddenly the storm rolled in. All the Calgarians saw it coming and ran to pack up, collecting items befrore the wind took them away. Summer storms in Calgary can come on very suddenly - intense but often not lasting too long. We raced to bring in the vehicles, loaded up and just like that were ready to head out. What a great day. All of my family planned the day into their summer vacation plans - I was so blessed that day. Although the time was short I appreciated everyone coming for my day - the big 4-0. 

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