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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hawaii 2013

So we finally made it to Hawaii!

We chose Oahu as our destination, ready for some fun in the sun, waves and all the tropical beauty Hawaii has to offer.

Going to Hawaii has been a long time dream of ours, perhaps more so for Rob and myself, and so we kept telling ourselves it was going to happen - one day. Then we told ourselves, "we need to make the trip a part of our 5 year plan"... Not like we really had a five year plan, but if that's what it's going to take to get us there, we'll make one!

One day, a random search on the internet  led us to amazing flight deals to Honolulu if we were willing to drive to Bellingham, WA. Sounds like a good idea. Never mind the fact that we live in Canada, its in the middle of January and we have many miles of the BC Rocky Mountains between us and the airplane.

Still, we checked the schedules of our family and realized the timing was perfect! Our son would write his first round of high school final exams during the first week, and then nothing for the next two. Our girls would miss some school, but hey, elementary and junior high? At best they miss some math and a few basketball games. A small price to pay for Hawaii! Next we looked into booking a condo - found one, so the tickets were purchased and the collecting of "must see's" and "vacation tips" began. Our five year plan was in motion!

The weeks immediately leading up to our road trip were filled with great anticipation and anxiety. It was cold and seemed to snow every other day - lots of heavy snow, and we were concerned about the roads. However, along with the sunrise, January 20th arrived with clear skies and warm temps. We had packed, re-packed and loaded carefully - we were to spend one night in a hotel before we were to fly out. And so begins the Braun Family Hawaiian Adventure - which is kind of ironic as we are not an extremely adventurous bunch by nature...

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