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Friday, 22 February 2013

Hawaii - Day 1

We made good time to Bellingham, WA. The roads were clear - no ice. We arrived in Bellingham though a thick blanket of fog, blindly picked our way to a hotel and enjoyed a great nights sleep. Our flight was scheduled to leave on Monday, January 21 at 6 PM. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time and waited patiently to check in. We headed to the counter, only to find out our flight had been cancelled! Apparently, the flight coming in on Sunday had been delayed due to excessive fog. That meant the flight going out to Maui on Sunday night was cancelled and re-seheduled for Monday night in place of our flight to Honolulu. Our new flight schedule would be Tuesday night at 10 PM. Yuck...

The airline put us up in another hotel for the night, but we were going to miss out one one day in Hawaii. Nothing we could do about it, so we checked in and made some new friends - others who were also now delayed by one day.

Rather than enjoying the sun and beaches in Hawaii, we spent our day in Bellingham doing this...




I think it was right around 0 degrees, but it was freezing in Bellingham. We also did a little bit of shopping and found winter ski jackets, one for each of the girls on sale for $18 - regular price around $150 each.

Day 1? I guess not... maybe tomorrow.

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