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Saturday, 23 February 2013

BOM 2013

With the last years BOM's complete, I figured it was the perfect time to jump right into the next pattern. I'm going  with the Traditional Pastimes Freebie 15 program. Its a great program where you pay a fee the first month to receive your pattern and fabric for the first block. After that, as long as you show up on the 15th of the following month and show them you've completed your block, you receive the next month free. You may purchase the companion if you like, but so far I have just stuck to the freebie block. Last week I just happened to come in time for the Friday Demo and I made a few new friends. Sandy, Mabel, Millie... you get the idea. I may have been the only one with brown hair (at least the natural kind). Mostly grandma's, but hey, they were very kind, very friendly and full of advice :)

These are the first few blocks of 2013... Vintage Plates #1

Vintage Plates #2

 Vintage Plates #3

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