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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Purely Nine

This one is called Purely Nine, as the basis of the quilt pattern is a simple nine patch. I took the original inspiration and choose my own set of blues and browns with a bit of white accent.

Loved how this came together. When I first got started I cut out 8 of the 12 block pieces. Then proceeded to sew together 6 of them. At that time I had spent roughly1.5 hours working on the quilt. The next day I cut the remaining 4 blocks and and sewed the other 6. After that came the sashing, the corner stones, placing the blocks, assembly and borders. All together I'd roughly guess the quilt top took about 6 hours to put together.

Not bad for a large twin sized quilt top - big enough to fit my son (which means its pretty big).

What I'm most proud of? The fact that when I fold the top in half, I have no wonky alignment issues. Everything is straight and even!  A proud moment for a quilter... :)

The pattern was a freebie from Check it out if you want to try it yourself.

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