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Friday, 3 May 2013

Ujamma Grammas...

At long last, after patiently waiting for a full year the annual fabric sale date had finally arrived!

Saturday, April 20 dawned with blue skies and spring like temperatures. A far cry from a year previous, grey skies, rain and cold... But just like last year, Leanne and I loaded down with more than enough "shopping bags" and headed to the United Church where the annual sale was held.

We arrived with just under an hour to spare. We took our place in line, and with great anticipation began to discuss the endless possibilities with fellow line holders.

Finally the doors opened and we slowly pushed our way through the crowds searching out treasurers.
After a couple hours of "shopping", our bags heavy we headed to the checkouts.

This is what $100 bought me...

Loads of flannel pieces - all at least 1m in length

Yardage pieces

Fat Quarters

More fat quarters

A large bundle of plaids (brushed cottons)

A quilt package 

Two pannels

An assortment of magazines, thread, magnetic pin holder and a couple of hoops (not pictured)

A successful shopping trip.

All proceeds of this sale go to the Stephen Lewis Society, Grandmothers to Grandmothers. Canadian Grandmothers helping African Granmothers who are raising their orphaned grandchildren. Many of them orphaned because of aids.

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