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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Art Show

Tomorrow is the big art show for the Grasby Art Studio. Amy has been a student of Teresa Grasby for just over a year now and has learned so much about painting, and art in general. This time she is putting 23 items into the art show. Rob, Amy and Sam are out there tonight helping load grid wall and art pieces into the trailer and trucks to haul to the Scout Hall for set up. It will be a long night for Teresa and a busy day tomorrow with lots of art, musicians, live demo and hopefully several buyers.

Most of Amy's entries are displayed in the Paintings page. We played around a little with the copiers at Staples, and were able to make a few fairly decent prints from some of her sketches. So Amy is entering several greeting cards made from prints. Whether its the lighting or my own editing, we still need to improve our photography of the original paintings, as the colours seem a little off in the print making process.

It's a toss up, selling prints for less or the originals. Hoping she manages a few sales tomorrow.

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