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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Castile Soap - #4

This time I was searching for a nice basic castile soap. Castile is supposed to be one of the purest and most gentle kinds of soap. Of course, depending on your additives it will change the properties of the soap but a true castile soap is usually made from 100% olive oil.

I did switch mine up a bit. This is the recipe I followed.

30 oz olive oil
5 oz palm (I substituted with shortening)
10 oz coconut oil
5 oz canola oil
16 oz water
6.9 oz lye
EO (floral)

Turns out I ran out of olive oil at 21 oz and needed to quickly find something to substitute. I read that you can sub with canola, up to 40% max so I made up the remaining 9 oz with extra canola oil.

I covered this one with plastic wrap. I had some soda ash come to the surface with the oatmeat soap so I was hoping this would prevent that from happening. 

The soap turned out beautifully! I love the creamy colour, no additives there. The scent is almost non existent. I've learned its very hard to get good scented soap as many of the EO's do not retain their scents throughout the curing.

I have been resting this one for almost two weeks and have not yet tried it out. However, the PH level was between 8 and 9, so that is within the normal range.

I added a bit of Rosemary spice pods to the last little bit just for some variety. Curious to see how we like that.

My next goal will be to use the green tea macha powder I've received from my neices' mother-in-law, direct from Japan. As well as using some coconut milk in a soap.

Think luxury! Avocado coconut soap. Will be so good on the skin :)

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