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Friday, 16 December 2016

Linda B's Quilting Projects

A few years ago I decided to offer a beginner's quilting class, and I created Linda B's Quilting. The first class brought me 3 registrations and we created a lap quilt. I had a lot of trouble finding a space, reasonably priced, where we could set up each week and create. I finally managed to secure some space in a church through a friend - as a result she was gifted the sample quilt from the class.

Here are a few pics of our class projects.

Class #1 - Playful Pinwheels - made with holiday fabrics. This was an all inclusive class, all materials provided, instruction for a quilt, start to finish. In this class we covered all the basics, from squaring our fabric, to cutting, to sewing creative blocks. We worked through the entire quilt, start to finish, and created masterpieces.

Class #2 - Sampler Quilt. This time each student provided their own fabrics. Each week brought a pattern, instructions and demo. We are still waiting for a few quilts to be completed! 

For this class we expanded our block patterns/techniques and increased our quilting vocabulary. I think there were seven registrants.



 Sister Carol's...

Class #3 - Variety Class - this time a variety of projects were offered. Not all students chose to complete all the projects. Again, students received patterns, instructions and demo's to complete each item. I believe there were about 6 people in this group.

Zipper accessory bag

Dresden Tote

Appliqued Table Runner

Hexagon Tree Skirt (or table topper for the smaller project)

Class #4 - Stars of Bowness - this is my design. I created a sampler and then my own large Stars quilt. Again, each individual chose their own fabrics. Each week gave them patterns, instructions and block construction demo. Again, there were about six people in the class.

Sample Stars of Bowness

My Quilt

From here on, we decided to break from teaching classes. I could see that everyone had developed their skills and were creating their own styles. We talked about it and decided to continue forward as a club rather than classes. Each individual would be working on their own projects, we would meet regularly to discuss projects, trouble shoot and encourage each other. Plus, to maintain a group focus we would create some charity projects - whatever we could bring to the discussions.

The QB's were born out of this - we have about 7 or so members in the group. One has moved to B.C., so she maintains connection through our regular group emails. We have not only grown into fellow quilters, but we have become friends.

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