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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hawaii - Day 4

Day 4 brings us to Saturday. Today we were planning to stay close to home so we allowed everyone to sleep in. Our condo is located fairly close to the north west tip of the Island. We can travel only a few more miles up the coast before we run out of road. Beyond that is military area. It's too bad we can't drive through there because it would only take about 20 minutes to get to the North Shore through there. If we had more time here I would definitely choose to re-visit the North Shore.

On the news when they gave the surf report, they predicted 4-7 ft high waves on the west shore - they weren't kidding! One of the first trips into the waves promptly found Amy doing a face plant into the sand with the wave taking her goggles right off her face into the ocean. Its funny how we go from standing on sand to waist deep in a few seconds. The kids went out past the breaks and were able to ride the rolling waves without being crashed into the beach, but they need to be careful of the swells. The spot we had chosen had some rocks along the shore line and the lifeguard came over to say it was not safe and we needed to move down the beach a little ways.

So we ended up back in the same spot we had been before, across from our condo access. The waves were still just as big.

Its so hard to see the proper effect from these pictures.

Kari and Rob went for a walk to the rocks to look for crabs and other such sea life. Unfortunately she slipped on a wet lava rock and cut up her hand a little. We decided it would be best to head back so she could properly rinse the wounds and we could all have some lunch.

After lunch it suddenly poured rain... so we were just as happy to not be at the beach at that time. Of course, it only lasted a short time and when it cleared up we took advantage of the fresh outdoors to take a few photos.

We took a walk around the complex checking out the beautiful flowers and the local birds. The Hawaiians are very friendly and found out its been uncomfortably dry and the rain storm an hour earlier was nothing... Although the locals may be praying for more rain, we are happier without, for this week.

We ended the day with some ice cream. Perhaps a quieter day, but loved every minute of it.

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